2010 MLB Awards

Gold Gloves went to CarGo and Tulo for the Rockies

While the Yankees that got them were Cano, Jeter, and Tex.

CarGo and Tulo also took home a Silver Slugger as did Cano.

 Now this is what I have a problem with. It sounds like most voters did not vote for CarGo for MVP because he plays in Colorado and his home numbers are a lot better than his road numbers. Well thats a fair point, but on the flip side if you use that same theory Ubaldo Jimenez should of won Cy Young. He had a very similar ERA to Halladay and since he plays in Colorado I think he should get a whole run off his ERA. That would make his ERA 1.88. He had two less wins that Halladay, but wins don’t matter at all in the Cy Young voting as we saw with Felix Hernandez.

 I honestly think the voters got this wrong. If your going to use playing in Colorado as an excuse then you have to use it both ways. Do I think CarGo would succeed somewhere else? Of course I do, but it sounds like most people think otherwise. I do not think its all the altitude that makes him such a better player at home. I play sports too, everyone does better when you have so many people rooting for you and hoping you succeed. So if your going to use Colorado as an excuse then Ubaldo Jimenez should of won the Cy Young, and if your just going to throw that out the window then Carlos Gonzalez should of won NL MVP. But you can’t punish CarGo and not reward Ubaldo. Thats just not fair.

Congrats to Giants

Congratulations to the SF Giants on winning the World Series. The baseball season is now officialy over. I will probably not be posting too much on here. If I go to any basketball games I will post about that though. Also, got a really awesome TTM (through the mail) success from Colts WR Blair White. He sent me an autographed card of him and even wrote me a little note. It took awhile and his mom also appologized for that, which she really didn’t have to. I am a big Michigan State fan, and him coming from Michigan State I really like him. Lets hope he doesn’t follow in the foot steps of another MSU WR… Plaxico Burress who’s name I will not mention.

whiteinendzone.jpg Blair White 2 image by eqspartan

2010 ALDS, ALCS Preview

The Yankees for the 2nd year in a row swept the Minnesota Twins.

The offense and a decent start by CC got the Yankees the Game 1 win.

Game 2 was won by the pitching of Andy Pettitte.

Game 3 was won by the start of Phil Hughes and a good bullpen.

The Bullpen has pitched very well in the playoffs. Especially this man…


I think the X Factor going into the ALDS will be Kerry Wood. If he pitches like he usually does we will be fine. But if he can’t get the ball to Mo it could be trouble in a close game.

AJ Burnett will also have to step up. If he pitches well and has his unhittable stuff this could be a good series. If he continues to walk people and not throw strikes it could be a disaster. This is most likely what the rotation would look like…





This would mean that IF there is a game 7 Hughes would pitch. That may not seem like a big deal now, but if it happens that is a lot of pressure on a young kid.

For the Yankees the good news is that since Cliff Lee pitched last night against the Rays the Yankees will not have to face him in Game 1 of the ALCS. They will have to face CJ Wilson, who is no Cliff Lee but a great pitcher.

This should really be a great series to watch. The NLCS is also going to be really exciting. If you are a sports fan this a great time of the year. The NHL season just started, MLB playoffs, NFL regular season, and the NBA is starting soon.

2010 Purple & Pinstripes Awards

With the Yankees advancing to the playoffs and going to face the Twins, and the Rockies placing 3rd in the NL West it wasn’t too bad of a year. I would really of hoped the Rockies would of made the playoffs but hey theres always next year. Now the awards… 

Best Record- New York Yankees

Manager of the Year- Joe Girardi

Gold Gloves

C- Miguel Olivo

1B- Mark Teixeira

2B- Robinson Cano

3B- Alex Rodriguez

SS- Derek Jeter/Troy Tulowitzki

OF- Dexter Fowler

OF- Carlos Gonzalez

OF- Curtis Granderson

Honorable Mention- Brett Gardner

Silver Sluggers

C- Miguel Olivo

1B- Mark Teixeira

2B- Robinson Cano

3B- Alex Rodriguez

SS- Troy Tulowitzki

OF- Carlos Gonzalez

OF- Nick Swisher

OF- Curtis Granderson

Cannon For An Arm

OF- Brett Gardner  

OF- Nick Swisher

OF- Carlos Gonzalez

P&P Cy Young

CC Sabathia

P&P Batting Champ

Carlos Gonzalez .336 AVG

P&P RBI King

Alex Rodriguez 125 RBIs

P&P Home Run King

Carlos Gonzalez 34 HRs

P&P Rookie of the Year

Jhoulys Chacin

P&P Save King

Mariano Rivera 33 Saves


Carlos Gonzalez

It has been a really great regular season, I really hope the Yankees can repeat. Thank you to anyone who reads the blog!




Yanks Magic Number 1, Rox Chances Not Looking Good

The Yankees, entered Sunday with a Magic Number of 3. Then with a 1 run lead going into the 9th inning. The Great Rivera as Jon Miller the Sunday night baseball announcer likes to say, blew the save and gave the team from Boston a 1 run lead going into the bottom of the 9th. Then, Jonathan Papelbon blew the save, and the Yankees walked off with a HUGE win.

This was a HUGE win because it made the Yankees magic number 1, and it gave them momentum. If they had lost their magic number would be 3, and if the same thing that happened on Monday still happened it would still be 3. The Yankees have not been playing good baseball at all the last week or so.

Another cause for concern is the Mariano-Jorge battery. With Posada aging and Mariano not being able to control the running game, that could be huge in the play-offs. Especially against a team with a lot of speed like the Rays.

Mariano Rivera Relief pitcher Mariano Rivera #42 of the New York Yankees shakes hands with catcher Jorge Posada #20 after throwing out the ceremonial first pitch in a game against the Seattle Mariners June 30, 2009 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City. 

Another cause for concern is the pitching of AJ Burnett who got crushed last night by the Jays.


Pettitte has also not pitched his best, getting clobbered by Boston in the 1st game of the series. So this Postseason staff might be the same as 09, but if they keep pitching like this it will be not as effective.

The Rockies, like the Yankees had a HUGE walk-off win that I thought would shift momentum in the NL West race. Tulowitzki who has been absolutely like literally on fire hit a walk-off double to drive in CarGo to win the game. For the Rockies, it has mostly been those two and Melvin Mora stepping up to get the offense together.




Without these 3 we would not even be in the hunt for Rocktober. The pitching has not been bad, but just not good enough. Anytime you can send Ubaldo to the hill you expect to win, but that wasn’t the case last night. That was a very big loss for the Rockies. Now the Rockies are 5 out of the West and 4.5 out of the NL Wild Card. The Rockies elimination number for the NL West is 2 now. So they will really have to play really good baseball down the stretch and hope the Giants and Padres don’t play well.

The Rockies have 2 more with the Dodgers, and will have to face Kuroda and Kershaw. Two really good pitchers. Then they start a 3 game set with the Cards and face 20 game winner Adam Wainwright in the 1st game, and Carpenter in the 2nd game. All of these pitchers all quality pitchers, so this will not be easy at all.  

Quick Entry

Just a quick little entry. If there are any Yankee fans out there, the Yankees are doing a promotion where if you do a video showing your the biggest Yankee fan they are giving away seats from the old stadium. Really cool idea. If you want to see mine and my brother’s heres the link http://www.myyesnetwork.com/yes22940/go/video/view?vid_id=1309105 

Thanks so much!

I promise I will get a real entry up soon

But at this very moment the Yankees are up 1 1/2 games and have the lead, and the Rockies are back 1 1/2 in the West. Could be a lot worse, this should be a fun postseason!

A-Rod’s A-Bomb Propels Yanks, Rockies On a Roll, Some Pics

First I’d like to say I am sorry for not posting as much. Having a blog is not easy when you have soccer and school all the time. But I will still try to update it as much as I can.

On Friday night, the Yankees won a thriller when they beat the O’s 4-3. A-Rod drove in all 4 RBIs.  

He hit a very dramatic 3 run homer off of Uehara. This also moved the Yankees back into 1st place over the Rays. This AL East race has been pretty much back and forth since the series they played each other in.


The Yankees will send this man


Yes CC, to the mound tonight against the O’s. CC is looking for his first 20 Win season tonight, and also to keep the Yanks in 1st place over the Rays. He will be going against Guthrie.

Speaking of around 20 Wins, Ubaldo picked up his 19th win on Friday. Congrats Ubaldo! He pitched pretty well going 6 1/3 giving up 4 ERs. Not too bad, but not the dominant stuff we saw in the beginning of the year from him.


That would be really amazing if both the Yankees and Rockies had 20 game winners on their staff. That is very much a possibility.


That guy up there has been hitting the baseball harder than anyone in the league for pretty much ever since he has been healthy. He hit 2 more homers today. Giving him 26 now. Just think if he had stayed healthy the whole year. He also drove in 4 RBIs today giving him 88 now.

Melvin Mora drove in 5 RBIs today. If the Rockies offense stays this hot there is no way in the world we are missing the Postseason.

The Rockies at the moment are only one game out of the NL West. This is going to be a great race to watch go down the stretch. There are 3 great teams in the NL West this year, and at most 2 are going to get into the playoffs. That would be a heartbreaker if your team didn’t make it.

I also forgot to post some pictures from when Pettite rehabbed in Trenton…




I also got a nice surprise the other day in the mail box. I had emailed a few of the clubs that the players from the Greek National Soccer Team play for and asked about getting an autographed picture of them. Most of the Greeks play their club ball in Greece except for a few, so I only sent about two emails. I had sent one to Liverpool and they said they only send them to people with disabilities, which I think is great that they do that. I also had sent one to Celtic FC, where my favorite player on the team Giorgos Samaras plays. I had gotten an email back from Mr. Campbell saying they would send one. I waited a month, and still had nothing so I figured he had forgot. I had no problem with this, since it was a lot to ask of someone. Then about a week ago I got another email saying Mr. Campbell had forgot and he appologized (which he didn’t have to do) and said I would get the picture in a week. About a week later I now have this…


Super awesome! I made sure to send him a thank you email. He is a really great guy, and I really love the picture!! 

Rox Streak End, Yankees Fall to Second

The Rockies 10 game winning streak came to an end after last night’s game. Before yesterday the Rockies always seemed to have found a way to win. Whether it was by out pitching, out hitting, or even stealing home on the opponent. Giambi hit a walk-off to give them the 10th straight win.

Even though the Rockies outhit the Padres the Padres ended up winning. Dexter Fowler made his first error of the season. I also got to see CarGo gun a runner down at the plate. The Rockies left 8 men on base.

Jeff Francis did not pitch well at all. Only going 3 innings. Esmil Rogers did not pitch too well either giving up 3 runs in 1 and 2/3 innings.

The bright spot was definitely Tulo. The guy is on FIRE!


CarGo and Tulo drove in the 4 runs, Tulo 3 and CarGo 1. CarGo now has 101 RBIs.

Mora and Helton added 2 hits apiece to go along with CarGo’s 2.

The Rockies are now 3 and 1/2 games out of the Wild Card and 2 1/2 games out of the NL West. Hopefully Hammel can get the win tonight and cut into that lead.


He will be opposed by the Padres Jon Garland.

The Yankees are now a half game out of the AL East and have not been playing good baseball. The Yankees wasted a gem thrown by CC. The Rays walked off on a Reid Brignac homer of Sergio Mitre. I really thought the ex-Rockies Brad Hawpe was going to do the damage when he came up with the bases loaded, but he struck out. I was very glad.

CC went 8 innings allowing only 2 hits and had 9 Ks. Then Wood pitched a dominant 9th inning. Boone Logan then did his job by getting a K. Gaudin then got into and out of trouble. And then Sergio Mitre gave up the dinger.

The matchup going on right now is Nova vs. Garza. Should be a good matchup of 2 young pitchers.  

Rox Win, Yanks Lose, Blue Snooze

The Rockies are now only 2 1/2 games out of the NL West and only 3 1/2 back in the NL Wild Card. The Rockies have been really hot. After sweeping the Reds and winning against the D Backs the Rox are on a 8 game winning streak. Tulo had an amazing game yesterday. He went 3 for 3 with 4 Runs, and 3 RBIs. Nice job Troy


Miguel Olivo also added 3 RBIs. Spilly and Helton added 2 more each as the Rockies exploded for 13 Runs.

The Rockies have been playing really great baseball. Hopefully they can keep the winning streak going tonight with Ubaldo on the mound going for his 19th win. Good Luck Ubaldo.

The Yankees haven’t been playing great baseball. Even though the Rangers benefitted from an awful call, I’ll get to that later, the Yankees really should of won that game. When the Yankees were hot almost everyone was hitting and the starters were going deep into games. The bullpen also was doing its job. Not last night.

The Yankees 1, 2, and 3 hitters went a combinded 1 for 17. Not great production. A-Rod and Thames took care of the offense with 3 hits apiece. Also, the Yankees left 18 guys on base. While the Rangers left 8 guys. Thats a huge difference in a 13 inning game.

Joba and Gaudin each gave up a home run to Nelson Cruz. The one off Joba tied the game, and in the 13th the one off Gaudin won and ended the game.

No one in the AL East is playing great ball. The Yankees and Orioles have been playing the best the last 10 days and they are 6-4. Everyone else in the division is under .500

Now about the blown call. Ian Kinsler “stole a base” off Javy and Cervelli. The throw beat him by a mile and Jeter tagged him, but Alfonso Marquez called him safe. Kinsler would later score and it was the difference in the game.

There was also two blown calls against the Rockies when they played the Reds on Thursday. First CarGo makes one of the strongest throws I’ve ever seen from Left Field and Johnny Gomes slid onto Chris Ianetta’s spike instead of the plate and was called safe. The Rockies would end up winning but its still a bad call. Brandon Phillips also “stole a base” but was clearly out and ended up scoring. I really think its time we go to instant replay.

I think that the umpires would be in favor of that too. They want to get the call right, or atleast I hope so.


9-6-10 Orioles @ Yankees from THE Stadium

It was Labor Day, the last day of my summer before school starts. I woke up early and me and my family were on the road to the Bronx before 9. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts

And then we were on the way to the stadium.  And in the meantime I realized my brother I won’t name names but someone forgot to bring their camera. So I am sorry but I don’t have any game pictures. This was pretty much the story all day.
When we got to the stadium it was PACKED just waiting to get in a half hour before the gates opened. We decided to walk around looking in stores. There were a few cool t-shirts.
Then it was time for BP. Me and my brother decided to go to left field for BP. We usually go to RF but with it so crowded we decided that was our best bet for a ball. That theory didn’t work out too well. We were later kicked out when they checked for tickets with 0 balls. So that pretty much ended my HUGE 2 game streak of getting a ball at games.
And I mean HUGE!
Anyways, I decided not to go for autographs since it was really crowded by the Yankees side and I didn’t think Markakis would sign.
He’s the only Oriole I would be interested in getting an autograph in because of our heritage. 
Greek-flag.jpg the greek flag image by tomdagreek
So I decided I would go look around for a birthday present for my mom who’s birthday is the 7th (Today) Happy Birthday Mom!
My dad had got on the scoreboard to say happy birthday to her that was really cool!
So I finally found a present for my mom…
I then sat in my seat in the second deck of Right Field and watched the game. The Yankees got off to a really great start. Burnett had a quick 1-2-3 inning and Jeter led off the game with a double. After an almost amazing catch by Gardner that he had until he hit the ground, the wheels came off for AJ. It seemed like they would keep tying it up for him and he’d always give up the lead. He would limit the damage but still.
The Yankees lost 4-3, Colin Curtis pinch hit and struck out on 3 pitches to end the game. I would of sent Kearns to pinch hit.
Me and my family also bought a huge tub of popcorn…
Then after the game after 4 people had been eating it all game this much was left…
Thats A LOT of popcorn. So from a Yankees, Semi-Ballhawk, and Autograph collectors point of view it wasn’t too great. But it was a beautiful day, and from a Rockies point of view Ubaldo now has 18 Wins. Something no other Rockie has done. Congratulations Ubaldo!!!
Sorry this post is so late… CarGo also now has 100 RBIs. Congrats CarGo! Sorry man but I am running out of pictures to put up on here of you.
Swish also hit a walk-off 2 run bomb to propel the Yanks over the O’s. Nova also pitched really well.
I also got this when I opened up my mail box…
Thanks Bud I really appreciate it!!
He also didn’t send back the blog card I sent him so thats a plus!  

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