9-6-10 Orioles @ Yankees from THE Stadium

It was Labor Day, the last day of my summer before school starts. I woke up early and me and my family were on the road to the Bronx before 9. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts

And then we were on the way to the stadium.  And in the meantime I realized my brother I won’t name names but someone forgot to bring their camera. So I am sorry but I don’t have any game pictures. This was pretty much the story all day.
When we got to the stadium it was PACKED just waiting to get in a half hour before the gates opened. We decided to walk around looking in stores. There were a few cool t-shirts.
Then it was time for BP. Me and my brother decided to go to left field for BP. We usually go to RF but with it so crowded we decided that was our best bet for a ball. That theory didn’t work out too well. We were later kicked out when they checked for tickets with 0 balls. So that pretty much ended my HUGE 2 game streak of getting a ball at games.
And I mean HUGE!
Anyways, I decided not to go for autographs since it was really crowded by the Yankees side and I didn’t think Markakis would sign.
He’s the only Oriole I would be interested in getting an autograph in because of our heritage. 
Greek-flag.jpg the greek flag image by tomdagreek
So I decided I would go look around for a birthday present for my mom who’s birthday is the 7th (Today) Happy Birthday Mom!
My dad had got on the scoreboard to say happy birthday to her that was really cool!
So I finally found a present for my mom…
I then sat in my seat in the second deck of Right Field and watched the game. The Yankees got off to a really great start. Burnett had a quick 1-2-3 inning and Jeter led off the game with a double. After an almost amazing catch by Gardner that he had until he hit the ground, the wheels came off for AJ. It seemed like they would keep tying it up for him and he’d always give up the lead. He would limit the damage but still.
The Yankees lost 4-3, Colin Curtis pinch hit and struck out on 3 pitches to end the game. I would of sent Kearns to pinch hit.
Me and my family also bought a huge tub of popcorn…
Then after the game after 4 people had been eating it all game this much was left…
Thats A LOT of popcorn. So from a Yankees, Semi-Ballhawk, and Autograph collectors point of view it wasn’t too great. But it was a beautiful day, and from a Rockies point of view Ubaldo now has 18 Wins. Something no other Rockie has done. Congratulations Ubaldo!!!
Sorry this post is so late… CarGo also now has 100 RBIs. Congrats CarGo! Sorry man but I am running out of pictures to put up on here of you.
Swish also hit a walk-off 2 run bomb to propel the Yanks over the O’s. Nova also pitched really well.
I also got this when I opened up my mail box…
Thanks Bud I really appreciate it!!
He also didn’t send back the blog card I sent him so thats a plus!  


Sounds like fun (Dunkin Donuts can make any day better!)

The Rocks’ future is bright for next year and the Yankees are the Yankees. Hope you’re in charge of the camera next time. Also, why are your pictures so tall? You know you can make them smaller when you upload them, right?


On second thought, I was a t that game. In left field! Where were you? I know who you were kicked out by but all you had to do was keep moving towards home plate until that person stops checking tickets and then move back towards left field. The section was pretty empty and I got pretty close to the A-Rod homer that went into the bullpen.
If it makes any difference,

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