2010 MLB Awards

Gold Gloves went to CarGo and Tulo for the Rockies

While the Yankees that got them were Cano, Jeter, and Tex.

CarGo and Tulo also took home a Silver Slugger as did Cano.

 Now this is what I have a problem with. It sounds like most voters did not vote for CarGo for MVP because he plays in Colorado and his home numbers are a lot better than his road numbers. Well thats a fair point, but on the flip side if you use that same theory Ubaldo Jimenez should of won Cy Young. He had a very similar ERA to Halladay and since he plays in Colorado I think he should get a whole run off his ERA. That would make his ERA 1.88. He had two less wins that Halladay, but wins don’t matter at all in the Cy Young voting as we saw with Felix Hernandez.

 I honestly think the voters got this wrong. If your going to use playing in Colorado as an excuse then you have to use it both ways. Do I think CarGo would succeed somewhere else? Of course I do, but it sounds like most people think otherwise. I do not think its all the altitude that makes him such a better player at home. I play sports too, everyone does better when you have so many people rooting for you and hoping you succeed. So if your going to use Colorado as an excuse then Ubaldo Jimenez should of won the Cy Young, and if your just going to throw that out the window then Carlos Gonzalez should of won NL MVP. But you can’t punish CarGo and not reward Ubaldo. Thats just not fair.

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I agree, I hate it when any Rockies players don’t win any awards just because of where they play. It really just stinks to know that even though Todd Helton’ll be Hall of Fame worthy when/if he retires he probably won’t get voted into Cooperstown just because he plays in Colorado.
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